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What are the top 3 things you learned from Melinda’s talk? Did anything really stand out?

Do you feel others judge, comment on or objectify your children's appearance?

Do you think your child may struggle with their body image at times?

To what extent do you think objectification and sexualisation impact on young people?

Do you have a better understanding of objectification and sexualisation after today?

Do you feel more empowered to deal with objectification and sexualisation after today?

Do you know if your child has ever experienced any of the following?

Do you know who was behind the sexual instances?

Did your child reach out to any of the following people?

Do you believe your child has ever felt pressured to

Select as many as you need

How often do you hear about or see pornography?

How does hearing about or seeing pornography affect you?

Do you feel more empowered to speak out about these issues in wider society?

How would you challenge sexualisation and objectificiation in the world? 

What advice do you have for other parents who might be dealing with the issues that Melinda raised tonight?

Are there any other comments or stories you would like to share?

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